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Credit and Debit Card Processing

-Free Use of Chip Card Reading Terminals--No lease or equipment costs*

-No Contract Term Length--No set up fee or term*

-Free Receipt Tape*

-POS Ready--We integrate with 100's of Point of Sale systems

-Local Service and Support--We will swap or repair your equipment within 1 business day at no cost to you*

-PCI Portal included--Ensure your business is PCI compliant with access to a self-help portal

-We Work Where You Work--We live and work in S. Oregon and N. California

*Applies to businesses in S. Oregon and N. California

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One Stop Shop for all Your Processing Needs

-EMV/Chip Cards

-EBT/Electronic Benefit Cards

-Gift Cards

-Payment Gateway

-Mobile Processing

-POS Compatible

-Fleet Cards/WEX & Voyager


-Government Procurement Cards

-Professional Services & Small Ticket Merchants

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Local Service and Support

We live and work in the Communities we serve.  We are active in the Chamber of Commerce in 13 Communities between S. Oregon and N. California.  We shop in the areas we live and appreciate the value of the round trip dollar in local communities.

We support countless non-profits through our reduced priced processing or through our direct participation.

All of our Team Members are involved in our Communities and we value their civic contributions.

We care about your success as we can only succeed through our successful partner clients.

Unparalleled Service!

We provide excellent service every day.  Many credit card processors lock you in to their service with multi-year contracts.  All our S. Oregon and N. California clients have no such commitment.  We rely on referrals from our existing partner clients.  Consequently, in addition to ensuring you have the best rates, we consistently ensure you have the best service.


We realize merchants are being solicited everyday.  Our service is 'trust' and we will always remember that.

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It all starts with a conversation.....

Call or email us today to speak with a team member.  We can meet in person, on the phone or via email......and, all of our team members will be located within S. Oregon or N. California