Vast Experience!

We can give credible testimony and have relevant experience on behalf of a bank, ISO, merchant and/or card brand rules.  We have experience with underwriting, operations, reserve accumulation and settlement.

We have served as both a contributing author and regular writer for a leading publication in the industry:

The Green Sheet


Efficient and Focussed

We understand the urgency and start/stop nature of some disputes.  We can work within defined deadlines in order to successfully resolve disputes or win legal battles.  We have experience giving and reviewing testimony in-person, via video or in court.  We understand the need to be both accurate and to win the confidence of jurors.

Cost Effective

Our experience and breadth of work allows us to efficiently respond to queries and provide research in a cost effective manner.  Our fees range from $315 to $400 per hour depending on the scope of the assignment.

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Contract Dispute or Criminal Activity

We have provided Expert Testimony for a criminal case for the Department of Justice, for a contract dispute on behalf of a merchant and for a dispute resolving the improper confiscation of merchant reserves.  We have testified in a jury trial and in sworn depositions.

Solid References

We welcome the opportunity to share our success stories and connect you with our references.

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