Do you have a ‘set-up’ cost or ‘Activation Fee’?


Do you have a Contract Term?

While we do have a contract, we do not have a term.  Should we not provide stellar service, you are free to close your account.  Our goal and intention is to provide you superior pricing and service such that you never leave!  Regardless, you will not have any fee to open OR close your account.*

Do you have an ‘Early Termination Fee’?

No, Eureka Payments does not have a fee or penalty for closing your accounts…..ever.  We must provide excellent pricing and service every day or you may close your account.*

Do you have an “Annual Fee’?


Do you a Monthly Minimum Fee?


Do you charge extra for Customer Service?

No, we never charge for Customer Service*

Do you lease terminals?

No.  Unless you use a wireless or specialized terminal, our terminals are included with our service. Also, we will provide you receipt tape for your credit card terminals at no charge.  Give us 2 business days notice and we’ll even deliver it!

What is Interchange?

Interchange are the rates paid to the issuing bank for each transaction.  Interchange rates are higher for credit card than for debit cards.  The Interchange schedule is complex because the actual category depends on the merchant type and whether the card was swiped or keyed among other things.  Interchange is publicly available and can be found here:

Visa Interchange Schedule

MasterCard Interchange Schedule

What happens if my terminal breaks?

Unless its a specialized or wireless terminal, we will replace it, often the same day, at no cost to you.*

How do you ensure there are no issues during conversion?

To ensure you do not have any downtime, we will program a like terminal at our location and bring it to you completely programmed.  If there are any issues, we simply will not convert your processing until those issues are corrected.

Do you work with Point of Sale (POS) systems?

Yes, we work with 100’s of POS systems.  Set up is easy and your procedures will typically remain as they are today.

Do you provide wireless or phone based terminals?

Yes, we provide payment gateways, mobile terminals and other specialized solutions.  Our experience is very deep.   We welcome the opportunity to show you.

Do you have references?

Yes, please see our link Eureka Payments’ References

How long has Eureka Payments been around?

Since 2010

Do you lease terminals?

No.  Unless you use a wireless or specialized terminal, our terminals are included with our service*

Do I need to be PCI compliant?

Yes.  All merchants need to be PCI compliant.  Included with the pricing of your account is access to a PCI portal which will assist you in validating compliance or demonstrating to you what actions need to be taken in order to obtain compliance. All merchants must independently validate compliance.  More information can be found here: PCI Security Standards

*Applies to businesses in S. Oregon and N. California