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Our Core Belief

Make sure every Partner Client is better off because of their interaction with us.  If we cannot save a client money, improve their efficiency and processes and/or increase their sales then we should not engage with them.  We are focused on the long term and we want to engage with clients who will grow and partner with us for many years to come.

Our Story

We started our company during the depths of the Great Recession.  While the rest of the Country lost 7.5 million jobs, we created 3.  We saw how large processing companies were treating merchants and knew we could do better.  We keep clients by maintaining our consistently lower fees, providing quality service and owning the few mistakes we do make.

Meet the Team

Real people--living, working and shopping in the Communities we serve.

head shot of scott bartlett

Scott Bartlett

Founder & COO 

Scott has more than 20 years in the payment processing business

As Vice President of Risk Managementt at Humboldt Merchant Services, Scott worked with merchants of all sizes to ensure their compliance with regulations set by the card brands. At Eureka Payments Scott continues to work directly with merchants as well as providing financial guidance and forecasting for Eureka Payments. 707 476 0570, x201

heads shot of steve kimberling

Steve Kimberling

Chief Marketing Officer & EVP

Steve has more than 20 years in the payment processing business.

As Vice President of Sales at Humboldt Merchant Services, Steve worked with thousands of merchants to establish payment processing and other services. Steve's in-depth knowledge of industry practices makes him an ideal individual to walk you through the application and approval process.

Today, Steve pursues target markets for all of Eureka Payments. 707 476 0570, x200

headshot of pei bishop

Pei Bishop

Deployment & Service Manager

Pei has more than 12 years experience in the payment processing industry.

Pei is extremely knowledgeable in ensuring our merchants' terminals are programmed correctly and are up to date.

Pei understands processing protocols as well as how to process transactions.  She makes swapping terminals easy.

Pei responds to a myriad of support related inquiries from our partner clients. 707 476 0570, x203

headshot of aron blanchard

Aron Blanchard

Senior Account Manager

Aron has more than 11 years in the payment processing industry and has initiated new accounts for more than 3,000 merchants.

Aron cares deeply about our partner clients and ensures each receives proper attention.  Aron’s commitment to our Core Beliefs is evident in every call or face-to-face meeting.  He strives to educate client partners on payment processing and aims to impart his knowledge to every merchant.  His consultative approach offers new clients the opportunity to fully understand merchant processing.  He appreciates the time to get to know each partner client and provide input on their overall payment acceptance practices. 707 476 0570, x204

headshot of Jennie livingston

Jennie Livingston

Senior Account Manager

Jennie has more than 13 years in the payment processing industry.  Jennie’s understanding of industry pricing and practices allows her to be creative and ensure every merchant is getting the best solution for their unique business needs.  Jennie will consult with business owners and treat them as a “partner”, considering how payments will interact with their overall business.

Jennie resides in Southern Oregon and manages our Southern Oregon sales and service efforts. 707 476 0570, x240

Headshot of Angela Robershotte

Angela Robershotte

Account Manager

Angela joined Eureka Payments as an Account Manager in 2017.  She comes to us from many years in the financial services industry with experience in residential lending and commercial loan servicing.

Angela's creativity and finding solutions for clients is extremely important to her and will prove invaluable to her partner clients.  Angela resides in Northern California where she has spent the majority of her life.  Angela appreciates the value in providing local service and is acutely aware of the importance of shopping within our community. 707 476 0570, x205

head shot of E Musante

Elliott Musante

Facilities Assistant

Elliott has been working in the Eureka Payments office since 2015.  Elliott's duties include janitorial services, document destruction, and packing supplies for our partner clients.  Elliott’s support is critical to the efficiency of our office, allowing other team members to focus on their sales and service duties.